RKW Designs and it's affiliates are not responsible for misspellings or incorrect color choices. Please make sure that you have your design and colors set exactly how you want them. There will be no refunds or returns in these cases. The artwork used on RKW Designs Online Marketplace merchandise is original and copyright has been published on these particular designs. Customer can upload a design of their choosing and RKW Designs has no liability for use of said logo, saying, mascots, team emblems or any other image or text that has been officially licensed, trademarked or copywritten.


Artwork that may be contained in RKW Designs email correspondence, are the intellectual property of RKW Designs. When customer has paid in full, said artwork becomes property of that customer. RKW Designs may or may not use the artwork for examples and future display for portfolio purposes. Proof provided may differ in color depending on the type of monitor or final substrate used for a print. A proof is provided for the customer to verify the correct art, spelling and layout. After customer has agreed upon the artwork and approved said artwork along with the final 50% payment the job is considered completed and additional charges may apply for revisions. RKW Designs is not responsible for the use or misuse of the design and/or logo. RKW Designs is not responsible for your design, website, marketing ads or any other service provided therein after sale or service has been completed and paid for. RKW Designs does not make guarantees on websites or marketing campaigns but will go above and beyond for all clients to provide the best service possible to ensure proper execution of websites and marketing tactics according to standard practices. No refunds for payments provided. These payments will be applied to work provided and therefore considered satisfied or resolved. Customer is required to pay 50% of the total before the work begins and 50% upon completion of the work. If a customer fails to pay or grants unpaid artwork to other entities without express permission from RKW Designs, service will be terminated and legal action may be pursued. RKW Designs has the right to refuse service and keeps records of all transactions and correspondence.